Are there any service restrictions?

1. Can I ...

1.1  Allow robots from search engines to search my site? Ping services and search engines regarding my site's content? Use external services, such as Google Analytics or Google Ads?

Yes. Please do!

We know how important visibility and SEO are to you. So please, use Google's Services, allow robots to crawl and index your site, and ping whomever you see fit when you update any part of your site. Your directories' .htaccess files are yours to use as you need.

1.2  Run version control software like SVN, TortoiseSVN, or Switchtower?

Yes.  No Problem.

1.3  run x application/framework under FastCGI?

Yes and no. FCGI was setup with ROR only in mind. So what you'd like to do might work, but it wouldn't be supported, and there's no guarantee that it would. That could change in the future, of course.

1.4  change the credit card I use for my account at any time, without penalty? does not store any credit card inforamtion on our servers.  We use a secure industry leading third party payment processing company - PayPal.  You can pay our invoice with your VISA or MasterCard without creating a PayPal account, or you can choose to create a PayPal account to speed-up future payments.

1.5  use Fantastico for domain pointers and parked domains?

No. Fantastico's one-click installer only works on fully-hosted domains, with their own control panel. However, you are free to use any of those scripts for a sub-domain.

1.6  register my domain name for multiple years?

Your can register at domain name with for one, two, or three years at a time. The registration will, unless you wish otherwise, automatically renew at the end of those chosen number of years, so we will handle that hassle for you, and your registration will remain continuously current.

1.7  run a mailing list?

Yes. We have Mailman pre-installed for every customer, and PHPList is available via Fantastico's one-click install.
Please review our TOS requirements regarding the opting-in of mailing list members, and the number of emails that may be sent per hour.

1.8  have shell access? Can I have SSH access to my account?

As a security measure, shell access is dissabled by default.  If there is a legitimate need for SSH access, please submit a Technical Support request through the Customer Support Portal after your account has been activated by our Sales department.

1.9  access to my sites' .htaccess files?

Yes. For every directory under your account—they're yours to control.

1.10  have my own IP address? Does my web hosting account come with a dedicated/static/unique IP address?

You may add a dedicated IP address to your account for a small annual fee.  After your account has been activated by our Sales department, login to the Customer Support Portal and click the link for "My Services".  Then click the link for service details next to the acount that you wish to modify.  Then click on "View available addons" near the bottom of the page.  Choose "Dedicated IP Address" and then "Order Now".


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